Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. This product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects and defective materials, including parts, labour and transportation for 1 year from the date of purchase.
  2. The motor and compressor are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of purchase, excluding transport and labour. (Not applicable for hoods and ovens).
  3. The cost of labour and transportation will be chargeable after the 1st year of the general warranty.
  4. This warranty is valid if both conditions are fulfilled:
    1. The item was purchased from an authorized RYKER HOME APPLIANCES PTE. LTD. dealer in Singapore.
    2. The online registration of warranty is properly completed.
  5. Customers must present to our service staff the original proof of purchase when service is required. The proof of purchase consists of the original invoice indicating the date of purchase, dealer’s name, model and serial number of the product. RYKER HOME APPLIANCES PTE. LTD. reserves the right to refuse service if these information have been removed or tampered with after the purchase of the product from the dealer.
  6. During the warranty period, repair service shall only be carried out by:
    1. Service staff of RYKER HOME APPLIANCES PTE. LTD.,
    2. Or authorized service contractors of RYKER HOME APPLIANCES PTE. LTD.
  7. A 6-month warranty period applies for the replacement of belts, bulbs, heating element and lid gasket, which are not covered under the general warranty.
  8. The warranty does not cover the following parts:
    1. Washing machine: Water Inlet and Outlet, Venting Hose, Glass Cover or Screen, Outer or Top Sill Casing, Plastic Panel, Knobs, Cable and Power Plugs.
    2. Refrigerator: Shelves, Trays, Ice Cubes Holder, Egg Holder, Plastic Cover, Cable and Power Plugs.
    3. Oven: Trays, Racks, Picker, Cable and Power Plug.
  9. Maintenance and Service:
    1. RYKER HOME APPLIANCES PTE. LTD. reserves the right to impose additional charges or refuse service of products if the location which the product is installed in or located, is deemed to be inaccessible and/or hazardous to its service agents.
    2. Refill and removal of gas, parts, general maintenance and services will be chargeable after the general warranty period of 2 years has expired.
  10. No dealer, company or person is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of this warranty in any manner.
  11. RYKER HOME APPLIANCES PTE. LTD. will only be held liable under this warranty for the repair and/or replacement of defective products only. RYKER HOME APPLIANCES PTE. LTD. will not be liable for any personal injury, damages to property or consequential damage.
  12. RYKER HOME APPLIANCES PTE. LTD. reserves the right to reject the warranty claim and parts and labour will be chargeable if any of the following conditions is met:
    1. The serial number of the appliances has been damaged or tampered with.
    2. Misuse of the appliances.
    3. Installation, operation and maintenance were not carried out in accordance with the instructions given by the manufacturer.
    4. Unauthorized repair, alternation and/or modi cation.
    5. Product is damaged from being dropped.
    6. Product is being used for commercial purposes.
    7. Appliance is operated with the absence of original parts from RYKER HOME APPLIANCES PTE. LTD. or authorized parts from manufacturer.
    8. Appliance is operated under abnormal voltage or incoming power supply from a generator.
    9. Defects caused by household pests.
    10. Malfunction or damage resulting from acts of god, re, civil unrest, lightning and other natural disasters, or due to deviation from recommended Application and installation.
    11. Non-observance of above conditions and other limitations
  13. This warranty is non-transferable to any other persons or products.